Ever since the McLaren’s F1 LM XP1 was released, Lewis Hamilton had viciously coveted the machine; he made it no secret that he truly desired to own the car.

In an attempt to ensure his ownership of this ultimate automobile, Hamilton has allegedly made a deal with Ron Dennis to get the LM XP1, he went ahead to put a mark on the car so he could immediately identify the car if he ever owned it.

This was more than just a mark as he wanted to be sure that he was given the particular XP1 he asked for , so he made sure that he could confirm that he was given the exact same car and not a replica.

Hamilton had joined the McLaren team in 2007 and has shown much talent ever since, he seemed to have been destined for a life in the front of a steering wheel ever since he was a 10 year old boy.

When he joined the team, he told the team manager at the time; Ron Dennis that he wanted one thing, the F1 LM XP1, he asked for the bright orange colored prototype for the race car. (more…)


The new boss of McLaren’s Honda F1 team, Zak Brown has said that he does not mind and would welcome it if Lewis Hamilton decides to return to the team.

He however reiterated that his first task, and major priority was to ensure that McLaren returns to its winning ways as soon as possible.

Lewis Hamilton, who had previously spent the entirety of his F1 career with the McLaren Honda squad had left in 2012 and joined up with Mercedes in his search for a new challenge.

Since moving away, Hamilton has won two World Championships whilst McLaren, since the last four seasons, has been unable to win a single race. Speaking to Sky Sports News HQ, Brown had said

“I will move heaven and earth to have the best two race-car drivers in our car,”

“Right now, we have them and Stoffel is going to be outstanding. Lewis is an awesome driver who has a great history here and I certainly wouldn’t rule anything out. But right now, I’m happy with what we have.”

With the Silver Arrows remaining the dominant force in the sport, there is no prospects of Hamilton leaving in the nearest future. Also, with an extension of his deal for a further three years just last summer, Hamilton has a few more years with Mercedes. (more…)

McLaren Work On Car Changes

Car development in 2016 is underway for McLaren.

he developments for the F1 car of the company will continue after the summer break has concluded. This is part of the growing focus of the team and will continue into 2017. The outfit is based out of working. It is known to be more aggressive when it comes to adding updates to its car model and design. It has been able to get back on the podium with the changes introduced.

Most teams have stopped working on current car models as new rules would become an applicable next year. Most teams would be focusing on the new rules and models that would be applicable from next year. However, McLaren is continuing to focus on improving the MP4-31. As per the inputs provided by Eric Boullier, the racing director for the team, even after shutdown there are certain car developments that they will focus upon. The developments would be used in the next model year as well. The way forward is to bring about the changes in the current car model and adhere to the new rules at the same time.

McLaren Hopes To Score Points In Russia Race

McLaren has an important racing event coming up in Russia. The company would be banking on the drivers, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.

As the drivers look to score points for their performances, the team’s boss, Yusuke Hasegawa would be trying to get the team the power unit to make a difference in the race.

Last year’s season had been troublesome for the company. Stoffel Vandoorne had been able to score the only points for the team in the New Year. That has been signs of improvement, but Hasegawa said that points need to be secured more and that should be the main goal of the company.  As per him, the power unit is nearly close to being assembled with a weekend of races coming up. The team hopes to score good points this coming Sunday. (more…)

McLaren Honda will set things right, says Button

Former world champion Jenson Button believes McLaren Honda will come good despite their poor showing at the season opening Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne’s Albert Park last weekend.

The Englishman finished the race in last place, a full two laps down on eventual race winner Lewis Hamilton while rookie driver Kevin Magnussen, standing in for the injured Fernando Alonso did not even manage to finish the race. To cap it off, their qualifying session also didn’t go well and was the worst they have had in their long history.

This just goes to show exactly how far the team have fallen and how much they are behind the leading pack, especially the pace setting Mercedes cars. But Button, who signed a new two year deal with the team in December after being kept in the dark for much of the season about his future, is confident that they will get things right. He believes the team’s new engine suppliers Honda will eventually get things right. (more…)