Eric Boullier, the Racing Director for McLaren has insisted that StoffelVandoorne, Formula One’s rookie, is not under any sort of pressure from the team despite McLaren-Honda’s current poor performance

If the situation is to be analyzed under different circumstances, one of the analysis would have it that with the team struggling for reliability and pace, Vandoorne may just be risking his once-in-a-lifetime chance to prove that he belongs in the F1.

This comes on the heels of the issue in Bahrain where the highly-rated 24 year old Vandoorne was unable to start in the race due to a reliability problem, after two difficult races alongside Fernando Alonso, his McLaren teammate.

The McLaren boss who spoke to Auto Motor and Sport said;

“He is not under pressure. Stoffel knows that we believe in him and that we have him under contract for a long time.

“He does not have to prove it to us in every race. We understand that this is not possible at the moment.”

Boullier also disclosed that he was not quite in support of the plan by Zak Brown, McLaren’s executive to let Alonso ride out next month at the Indy 500.

However, the Frenchman acknowledged that as with the Vandoorne situation, it remains absolutely necessary that McLaren looks after each and every of its drivers.

Boullier also noted that it was necessary to keep Alonso occupied so as to ensure that the fire in him never burns out. He believes that Fernando has it in his heart to win, yet still, it may be impossible for him to do so in Formula 1.

The Bahrain test on Wednesday which went much more smoothly was a better day for the McLaren but the Frenchman was cautious of celebrating too much.