Ever since the McLaren’s F1 LM XP1 was released, Lewis Hamilton had viciously coveted the machine; he made it no secret that he truly desired to own the car.

In an attempt to ensure his ownership of this ultimate automobile, Hamilton has allegedly made a deal with Ron Dennis to get the LM XP1, he went ahead to put a mark on the car so he could immediately identify the car if he ever owned it.

This was more than just a mark as he wanted to be sure that he was given the particular XP1 he asked for , so he made sure that he could confirm that he was given the exact same car and not a replica.

Hamilton had joined the McLaren team in 2007 and has shown much talent ever since, he seemed to have been destined for a life in the front of a steering wheel ever since he was a 10 year old boy.

When he joined the team, he told the team manager at the time; Ron Dennis that he wanted one thing, the F1 LM XP1, he asked for the bright orange colored prototype for the race car.

At the time of its production, only five of it was manufactured alongside its single prototype. There is no surprise as to why a renowned driver such as Hamilton would want to acquire such a machine as the XP1 is truly the ultimate McLaren racecar.

It comes with a lot of refined features and is basically the McLaren F1 GTR but without the restriction that the engine brings. The car generates a whooping horsepower of 680 which is far more than the 627 produced by the usual F1 road car. However, it would seem that he hasn’t met the terms of their deal yet as the car remains at the MTC in working and not in Hamilton’s garage.