McLaren Wants Fernando Alonso In Formula 1

Zak Brown, the CEO of McLaren said he doesn’t want to let go Fernando Alonso. He knows for a fact that Alonso is someone who won’t give up easily. He hopes that Alonso wins McLaren in the next season and the season thereafter.

Despite the toughest weekend faced by McLaren at the Paul Ricard circuit, Fernando Alonso is quite adamant to move ahead in a progressive direction towards victory. The race, which took place last Sunday, was not a pleasant one as Alonso finished last and Stoffel Vandoorne bagged 12th place with his MCL33. Alonso is all geared up now to move forward so as to get to the top and make McLaren proud. He would be going to Austria to get some thorough understanding about the car and he will soon get there. Alonso shows his optimism as he prepares for this race that would commence this weekend and another one next weekend. Alonso feels drivers need the right place with right packages when they are racing in Formula 1. The last few races may not have been so good for him, but he is preparing himself for the next race.

Alonso looks ahead of Austrian GP that would be held at the Red Bull Ring and says he loves driving on the track. He likes the track as it’s a good combination of both old and new. He said that the big hills and its surroundings all reminded him that it was the F1s grand venue once upon a time. But, the modern amenities make it even more convenient and comfortable for people including the participants. The lap indeed looks great as it’s the spot you have to attack continuously so as to obtain a good lap time. Looking at his positive attitude, he may surprise everyone with his victory in the remaining races.