McLaren Work On Car Changes

Car development in 2016 is underway for McLaren.

he developments for the F1 car of the company will continue after the summer break has concluded. This is part of the growing focus of the team and will continue into 2017. The outfit is based out of working. It is known to be more aggressive when it comes to adding updates to its car model and design. It has been able to get back on the podium with the changes introduced.

Most teams have stopped working on current car models as new rules would become an applicable next year. Most teams would be focusing on the new rules and models that would be applicable from next year. However, McLaren is continuing to focus on improving the MP4-31. As per the inputs provided by Eric Boullier, the racing director for the team, even after shutdown there are certain car developments that they will focus upon. The developments would be used in the next model year as well. The way forward is to bring about the changes in the current car model and adhere to the new rules at the same time.

The developments that would be worked upon would become applicable in the next year car design. That way the company would be focusing on the new car model already, by the second half of this year. Among the improvements lined up, McLaren would be focusing on the chassis changes as well as Honda is expected to bring about changes in its engine as well but the time the next campaign starts. The company is mindful about the need to start work for 2017 but the changes will be implemented by the time the Belgian Grand Prix comes about. The engine chief stated that they would be working for the remaining races this year, which will commence after the summer break.