Eric Boullier, the Racing Director for McLaren has insisted that StoffelVandoorne, Formula One’s rookie, is not under any sort of pressure from the team despite McLaren-Honda’s current poor performance

If the situation is to be analyzed under different circumstances, one of the analysis would have it that with the team struggling for reliability and pace, Vandoorne may just be risking his once-in-a-lifetime chance to prove that he belongs in the F1.

This comes on the heels of the issue in Bahrain where the highly-rated 24 year old Vandoorne was unable to start in the race due to a reliability problem, after two difficult races alongside Fernando Alonso, his McLaren teammate.

The McLaren boss who spoke to Auto Motor and Sport said;

“He is not under pressure. Stoffel knows that we believe in him and that we have him under contract for a long time.

“He does not have to prove it to us in every race. We understand that this is not possible at the moment.” (more…)

Marussia Formula 1 Team Is Crumbling Under £31m Of Debt

The team of Marussia Formula 1 has destroyed itself having trade creditors of £31.4 million and Ferrari alone is the creditor for more than half of such amount. The High Court has got a summarized list of the total liabilities of the team. This was given by the administrators of Marussia and the FRP Advisory LLP has already revealed the amount of money the team owes.

The summary submitted to the court breaks down the amounts owed to the trade creditors like including the fixed and floating charges. They owe to the Lloyds TSB a total of £13.1 million and £14.6 to Marussia Communications. (more…)

Derek Warwick on McLaren Delaying Confirmation On Whether Jenson Button Will Be Included In The Team Or Not

Derek Warwick said that he considers McLaren delaying confirmation regarding whether they’ll include Jenson Button in their list of drivers for the 2015 season to be disgusting. The team could not decide whether they’ll Keep Jenson Button or Dane Kevin Magnussen to pair up with Fernando Alonso who won formula one two times, for the 2015 season.

Warwick took part in 162 Grand Prix from 1981 to 1993 considers that Jenson Button should be kept in the team because he deserves it. He also considers the Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button pair to be a very good one. Derek Warwick is 60 years old now and is the current British Racing Drivers Club’s Chairman. He said that it is tough for McLaren to make a decision in this regard because Magnusen’s performance was impressive when he debuted this year. Warwick said that Magnussen is a driver who is likely to become a great racing driver in future and thus the team is having a hard time deciding which driver to keep in the team.

Warwick also said that it is important for the British Racing Drivers Club that Jenson stays in team McLaren. He said that it is because of Jenson Button that there is such a huge spectator turnout in the British Grand Prix. McLaren team will enter into a partnership with Honda for the upcoming season. They have included Alonso in their team but the official confirmation will be given only after they confirm which rider will be paired up with him. Certain reports indicate that the aforementioned decision was taken by Ron Dennis, the chairman of the McLaren team. Button said that he was eagerly awaiting the official declaration of drivers just like everyone else. He said earlier that he’ll be definitely race in the next season. Magnussen said in a tweet that Button is a very good person and he will cheer for him in the next season.