McLaren Hopes To Score Points In Russia Race

McLaren has an important racing event coming up in Russia. The company would be banking on the drivers, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.

As the drivers look to score points for their performances, the team’s boss, Yusuke Hasegawa would be trying to get the team the power unit to make a difference in the race.

Last year’s season had been troublesome for the company. Stoffel Vandoorne had been able to score the only points for the team in the New Year. That has been signs of improvement, but Hasegawa said that points need to be secured more and that should be the main goal of the company.  As per him, the power unit is nearly close to being assembled with a weekend of races coming up. The team hopes to score good points this coming Sunday. (more…)

Derek Warwick on McLaren Delaying Confirmation On Whether Jenson Button Will Be Included In The Team Or Not

Derek Warwick said that he considers McLaren delaying confirmation regarding whether they’ll include Jenson Button in their list of drivers for the 2015 season to be disgusting. The team could not decide whether they’ll Keep Jenson Button or Dane Kevin Magnussen to pair up with Fernando Alonso who won formula one two times, for the 2015 season.

Warwick took part in 162 Grand Prix from 1981 to 1993 considers that Jenson Button should be kept in the team because he deserves it. He also considers the Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button pair to be a very good one. Derek Warwick is 60 years old now and is the current British Racing Drivers Club’s Chairman. He said that it is tough for McLaren to make a decision in this regard because Magnusen’s performance was impressive when he debuted this year. Warwick said that Magnussen is a driver who is likely to become a great racing driver in future and thus the team is having a hard time deciding which driver to keep in the team.

Warwick also said that it is important for the British Racing Drivers Club that Jenson stays in team McLaren. He said that it is because of Jenson Button that there is such a huge spectator turnout in the British Grand Prix. McLaren team will enter into a partnership with Honda for the upcoming season. They have included Alonso in their team but the official confirmation will be given only after they confirm which rider will be paired up with him. Certain reports indicate that the aforementioned decision was taken by Ron Dennis, the chairman of the McLaren team. Button said that he was eagerly awaiting the official declaration of drivers just like everyone else. He said earlier that he’ll be definitely race in the next season. Magnussen said in a tweet that Button is a very good person and he will cheer for him in the next season.